Backyard Putting Greens in Nashville, Tennessee

For over 20 years IntelliTurf has been the artificial grass leader in backyard putting greens.  IntelliTurf Nashville has brought this knowledge and experience to the heart of Tennessee.

The famous golf architect Alister MacKenzie (Augusta National & Cypress Point) once said “I have always wanted to live where one could hit golf shots in ones pajamas before breakfast.”  Well our backyard putting greens allow you to do just that – if the need arises.

We are golfers.

Please don’t take that statement lightly.  What little competition that my exists normally comes from landscapers or other construction contractors attempting to build something they think is very simple and a piece of cake.  If you love golf and are going to spend thousands of dollars on a golf green in your backyard, please hire experts that understand what holding a shot and stimp meter actually mean.

Great aspects of our golf greens are they will hold shots from 180 yards away and putt true.  We like to say our greens are better than most all natural grass greens.

With very little maintenance and the multitude of other activities that our golf green surface can be used for, IntelliTurf of Nashville truly installs “The Perfect Amenity”.  Children can ride bikes, play soccer or practice their tumbling (hopefully not while you are chipping) without any damage to the golf green.

80% of all golf shots occur within 100 yards of the hole.   We have installed golf greens for customers who wanted to improve their short games.  Others have identified a portion of their yard that is either underutilized or difficult to maintain.  Installing a backyard putting green can be the answer to all sorts of problems, turning ugly areas into beautiful golf greens.

See for yourself

This is your invitation to come see one of our backyard putting greens, hit chip shots and roll some putts.  We will show you first hand why what we install is the very best golf green made from artificial grass to be found anywhere.

Contact us today for a meeting at your place and come see our own backyard putting greens for yourself.


Kent McMillin, Owner