IntelliTurf Nashville Artificial Grass Experts

Backed by over 20 years of knowledge and experience, IntelliTurf Nashville is your locally owned and operated source for artificial grass installation.  Premium yarn, backing and infill systems coupled with expert base and turf installation all at a very competitive price make us the only company you should call when looking to improve your property with artificial grass.


IntelliTurf playground safety surface systems simply out perform any other option on the market.  Not only do our surfaces look better than mulch or poured in place rubber products, they last longer with less maintenance.  We follow strict guidelines the playground equipment manufacturer stipulates for both fall height zones (the area we cover) and fall height ratings (what padding system to use) to create a surface that many in the past feel is the best part of the playground.

From the natural green grass look to the durability and reduced maintenance of artificial grass, IntelliTurf can install the perfect playground for your school, church, park or backyard.

Artificial Grass Lawns

Speaking of backyards, when you get tired of your children and dogs dragging mud into that new remodeled kitchen or living room, please let us help you with an artificial grass backyard installation.  IntelliTurf started off as a backyard putting green business in the late 1990’s.  As the product evolved so did our business.  Every day of the week all across the country we are making Mom’s smile because her children and the family pets are playing outside on beautiful and most importantly CLEAN artificial grass.  They are not dragging mud or dirt into the house and they are not adding yet another item to the long todo list.

Please take a few minutes and explore our site. See all the places and properties we have installed our synthetic turf products.  We are sure you will see how practical this solution can be for your home or business.

Better Yarn – Better Backing – Better Installations

IntelliTurf has always been lead the industry in innovation.  The yarn we use is not only Made in the USA, its 3D shape and more natural color help it reflect less light and reflect more heat.  This results in a more natural and cooler blade of grass.  The shape also helps our turf to stand up to gravity longer than other turf products.

The fabric backing not only helps to create an entire drain field where water can flow up to 300 inches per hour, the environment benefits greatly because this backing helps to create a 100% Recyclable product.  Other artificial grass will end up in a landfill.  Recyclers actually pay for our fabric backed turf.

If you have spoken to your landscaper or other contractor about installing artificial grass, let us take a second to caution you.  IntelliTurf is not in the lighting, sod, outdoor kitchen or any other business related to your backyard.   We are turf installers and our installations are executed with expert knowledge only gained from fully focusing on one discipline.

IntelliTurf Nashville prides itself on the best yarn, backing, infill products and installation methods.  We invite you to visit our projects and see for yourself.

Please reach out today so we can start a conversation about your artificial grass needs.



Kent McMillin, Owner